We’ve Moved!

I have some exciting news to share- I have moved to a new site. I will still continue to blog about family, being a mom, and the sweet little girls that made me one, but I have also expanded to write about some other passions of mine, like interior design and styling, inspiring spaces, learning […]

Sweet Lu, It’s You

My Dear Sweet Girl, I finally asked Daddy what the date was this morning, and discovered that you are almost 11 months old! While I may not be very good about remembering what day it is in this cycle of good morning snuggles, naps, walks, diaper changes, cleaning sticky hands and goodnight kisses that keeps repeating over […]

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I know you get plenty of letters before the main event, but I’m guessing you don’t get very many after. Once the presents have been torn open, wrapping paper flying through the air, and the toys have been fast and furiously played with before being tossed aside for others, the memory of you […]

Just One of Those Days

My Dear Sweet Girls, Today was one of those days. Nothing very monumental happened- it was rainy so we stayed inside, cranked up the Christmas music and spent the morning gluing sequins and fuzzy balls onto foam shaped Christmas trees. I helped to peel a hundred Santas off of sticker sheets so they could be […]

A Perfect Day

I’m a little late in posting these (about 6 months late), but these images taken by my sister captured Penny’s 2nd birthday perfectly. It was exactly the day we had envisioned in this post– a fun, laid-back day surrounded by family and yummy food and cake. And presents. Too many presents. And even though Penny never […]

Life with Lucy

While I can’t believe our little Lucy is already 7 weeks old, it is hard to imagine life without her. She has fit perfectly into our lives, the final piece of the puzzle that completes this beautiful picture that is our family. From the moment she arrived, gifting her Mama with what was quite possibly the quickest […]