Sweet Lu, It’s You

My Dear Sweet Girl,

I finally asked Daddy what the date was this morning, and discovered that you are almost 11 months old! While I may not be very good about remembering what day it is in this cycle of good morning snuggles, naps, walks, diaper changes, cleaning sticky hands and goodnight kisses that keeps repeating over and over again, I am very good about noticing all of the beautiful changes in you. As each day passes you become more YOU, giving us more doses of your personality and glimpses of what the future holds for us as your insanely lucky parents.

Since tomorrow you will likely be running around, calling us by name and solving algebraic equations in your downtime, I feel it is only necessary that I document my favorite things about you in this particular, oh so yummy I want to bottle it up stage in your life.

And so, without further adieu, some things about you.

You have the best eyes. I don’t know what it is about them. They almost have a sleepy puppy dog quality, one that makes me want to laugh with happiness when you smile and wrenches my heart when you cry those big fat tears that roll down your cheeks and make your eye lashes stick together.

You are starving first thing in the morning, and always yell at Daddy when he tries to change your diaper before bringing you in to snuggle with me and nurse. You get even madder when I insist on kissing you all over face before feeding you, hoping to catch a whiff of your morning breath that for some reason I just can’t get enough of. (I know I’m weird, but it’s my drug of choice.)

You like to play for a few minutes by yourself, leaving quite the trail of toys and opened books in your wake, but I eventually find you at my feet pulling up my legs and begging to be held. I’m often told you’re a Momma’s girl, and I can’t hear it enough.

You love to eat. Like seriously. You can be so cranky, tired, teething, sick, you name it, but if we put some food in front of you, you are golden. Until it runs out. Your favorites are fruits. You will always eat every piece of fruit first before moving on to anything else on your plate. And you always completely clean your plate, unless there are eggs on it. We will later find many pieces of food in your bib, behind your ears, and under your high chair, but you make a solid effort.

You don’t like it when your sister takes your things, and you are not afraid to show it. That is a nice way of saying that you squawk like a baby pterodactyl the second she takes something out of your hands (which happens fairly often I’m sorry to say… your sister seems infinitely older to you I’m sure, but she’s only 2). Can’t say I love the shrieking, but I do love the fact that you stand up for yourself. Passive is not a word to describe you.

Sometimes you get these little spurts of hyper energy where you bob your head up and down and make silly noises and start crawling across the floor super fast. The sound of your little palms happily slapping the floor may be one of my favorite sounds ever.

You love to talk, babble, smack your lips together repeatedly, and join in our conversations. And whenever you are done nursing, you let me know by sticking out your tongue and blowing big raspberries in my face.

You want to do whatever your sister is doing (shocking, right?) Your efforts to “help” her build her train track or lego tower are, sadly, not always appreciated. And neither are Mom’s efforts to distract you from your mission.

Along that vein, you are incredibly determined and persistent. That comes from your father, he likes to proclaim (with a mixture of pride and apology).

You love the outdoors. Whenever we open the back door to let the warm breezes in, you pull yourself up to stand at the screen door and stare out into the yard for minutes at a time. You also adore going for walks outside in your stroller.

You have a blast at bath time. My favorite part of bath time is seeing you and your sister’s cute naked butts leaning over the tub waiting for the water to fill up, but your favorite part is most definitely kicking your legs super fast to make splashes, and getting to be in such close quarters with your sister.

You like to sit on your butt and use your legs to make yourself rotate around in circles. It’s so silly.

You think its hilarious to feed us. You hold food out in your fist toward us and make the “num num” noise to indicate that we are to eat it, and we do because the smile on your face when we eat the food and say “Yummy! Thank you!” is infectious. True love is eating soggy puffs from your baby’s sticky hand, and doing it with a smile.

When you are about to get something you really want (a bottle at bedtime, a certain food, a favorite toy), you chuckle. It starts out as a happy excited chuckle, but quickly morphs into an angry panicked chuckle if it takes too long to get said object.

You sleep with a soft snuggly toy puppy at nap and bedtime. As soon as Puppy is placed into your arms, you laugh with glee and rub him all over your face. It’s adorable.


I know from experience that you are going to grow way too quickly. Soon the things that make those kind eyes light up will change. You won’t chuckle for bottles much longer, and the sound of your palms slapping on the floor will be a thing of the past. While a part of me will mourn the loss of those precious things that have made up your babyhood, a much bigger part of me will celebrate the things, still yet to come, that will make up your childhood. It is such a blessing to know and love you my sweet Lu.




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