Life with Lucy

While I can’t believe our little Lucy is already 7 weeks old, it is hard to imagine life without her. She has fit perfectly into our lives, the final piece of the puzzle that completes this beautiful picture that is our family. From the moment she arrived, gifting her Mama with what was quite possibly the quickest and easiest birth in the history of the world, she has been happy just to go with the flow.

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Not only does she nurse in under ten minutes, (while still gaining weight like a champ, with chubby cheeks and thighs to prove it), but she is content to do it while Mama holds her like a football in one arm, running around the house chasing after her sister and getting her on the potty with the other. Grocery trips now involve wearing Lucy (who falls asleep almost instantly in her carrier) while pushing Penny in the cart, and we have upgraded to a double stroller for outings and walks. Things that I never used to think about, like getting both girls down the stairs or getting Penny fed while getting Lucy to sleep (or vice versa), have required me to plan ahead and multitask, but I am finding my way as a mother of two under two.

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Lucy is also a fantastic sleeper. Since she was two weeks old, she has been giving us nice long stretches every night, anywhere from 5-7 hours, and the last two nights she slept completely through the night, for over 8 hours. I am not supposed to look this well rested with a newborn in tow (and realize this gives other moms license to hate me, which I wouldn’t blame them for at all), but I am certainly not complaining.

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She loves her pacifier, being worn, snuggles with Daddy (who has mastered the baby jiggle and as a result has been crowned the official person who gets Lucy to sleep during her fussy witching hour each night), and has even started to give out sweet little smiles. They are lovely, and always start with her eyes first, which light up and crinkle before her tiny mouth follows suit. I won’t even complain that Daddy got the first several smiles, even though Mom had diligently reminded her who had been feeding her every two hours since the day she was born, not to mention carrying and birthing her from her body (Mom guilt at its’ finest).

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Time is already flying by, and while I am so excited for all of the milestones we are about to hit, like hearing that first laugh and seeing her sit up to play with her sister, I am also trying to enjoy this time of endless cuddles and coos, and gazing into the eyes of a person who is so in awe of the world. Because it is all so precious and fleeting.

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How I got so lucky to have brought another amazing little girl into the world I will never know, but I am still pinching myself.

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