To My Ladies…


To My Ladies,

It has been a while since I have written to you. This is not because I do not have much to say but because so much is changing so quickly that I find it hard to keep up. So I thought I would tell you as much as I could at this moment.

To Penny,

You amaze me every day. You seem to know a new word or 10 words each day. Your silliness seems to exponentially grow each day. No matter how tough or exhausting the day is your “Hi Dada!” to greet me when I get home is the best thing in the world. I look forward to chasing you around the house and being extra hyper with you every night. Little do you know that you will be meeting your little sister any day now. I can already tell you are going to be a great big sister- you are caring, sweet, sharing, and your love for food and life is infectious. Wuh wuh!

To Lucy,

You amaze me every day and I cannot wait to meet you. I have been feeling you kick around every night for the last few months, but your Mom is feeling you a lot more. A LOT MORE! How your poor Mom must feel with you using her bladder as a punching bag and her stomach as a trampoline! I can tell you are going to be strong and react strongly to sugar. I keep on thinking about you and your sister Penny, playing together, sharing a bowl of popcorn together, and giggling at secrets in the back seat of the car together. I am sure there will be some arguing too but that is what sisters are for. Wuh Wuh and keep on baking as long as you need to.

To Mel,

You have amazed me since the first day we met and have not stopped every day since. You are two weeks away from Lucy’s due date and have everything ready for her arrival. You seem terribly uncomfortable most of the time yet you always are so happy and seem to glow with love even when Lucy makes you cringe with pain. I find it amazing that you know what is coming yet you seem so ready and strong. Maybe you are ready because Lucy is getting so big! Your strength is inspiring! I love you (Wuh Wuh) and cannot wait to embark on this next adventure!

Love, Dad


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