Never Grow Up

Dear Penny,

You are 20 months old, so much closer to 2 than I ever could have thought possible, and yet there is no question that you are growing up into the sweetest, silliest little lady you were always meant to be.

Some of the growing up has been my doing- something I struggle with because I feel guilty for rushing you out of babyhood and into big girl territory, all in preparation for the arrival of your little sister. Still, evicting you from your crib and saying goodbye to diapers hasn’t seemed to phase you at all. I do miss coming into your room and seeing you standing up holding the rails of your crib, the place you rested your sleepy head from the time you were only 2 months old. And the sight of those thighs protruding from that cushy diapered butt… But seeing your face light up when you crawl into your comfy big girl bed at night, surrounded by cuddly stuffed animals, your head nestled on a pillow and your covers pulled up to your chin, is one of my favorite things.

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And so is the vision of you sitting on the potty, your legs dangling over the sides with a book in your lap, and hearing you say “Yay!” and clap your hands when you finally hear the sweet sound of pee tinkling into the pot. There are days when I have to put you back into your bed 10 times before you finally fall asleep, and I have seen your bare butt running away from me before I can get your undies and pants back on more times than I can count. But the way that you have so quickly and easily adapted to these changes has made me more proud of you than I can even say.

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Yet even without me nudging you along, you continue to grow every day. You have such a voracious appetite for knowledge, and pick up on things so quickly. You know all of your colors, most of your shapes, and about half of your letters, and enthusiastically point these things out every chance you get. You also love to play pretend, and the first thing you ask to do every morning and after every nap is to go have “tea” at your little table. Many a stuffed animal has had the pleasure of being your guest at tea time, but you will always shove them aside without a second thought if Mama or Dada wants to join you.

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You can happily sit at the table and color or play with play-dough while we get dinner ready, and like to draw with chalk.

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You love to make up songs (almost all of them to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” although “Happy Baby” is an original), and recently discovered your love for the slide. You still adore books, and i think it’s safe to say your attachment to them won’t be going away anytime soon.

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You are constantly adding words to your vocabulary, and communicate pretty effectively. You can tell us “Yeah!” or “No” in answer to questions (“no” being the more popular choice at the moment), and think it’s hilarious to say “No….!” with a mischievous look in your eye and a poorly held back smile as you run away when asked to do something. We try to stay consistent as possible with you and follow through with what we say, but we are usually holding back smiles ourselves at your silly attempts at defiance, especially when we threaten timeout and you go and put yourself into timeout instead. You get very excited about getting dressed in the morning, but not nearly as excited as you get when trying to take off your clothes repeatedly throughout the day. You also can’t get enough of bubbles.

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You are very polite, and always say hi to others when prompted, and often say thank you unprompted. You even say hi to inanimate objects, like foods and colors, but my favorite is when your stroke my ever-growing tummy and say, “Hi baby!” I have also seen you stroke your own tummy and say hi baby, so you definitely don’t understand the concept, but it’s very sweet nonetheless.

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As you continue to learn and grow, I find that I am learning and growing right along with you, and I know your sister is going to learn so much from you as well. Just promise me you won’t try and grow up too fast- I don’t think this Mama could handle it!


Your Mama

*Photos courtesy of my amazingly talented sister,


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