For always greeting us with a cheerful smile and big kiss even after a hard day.

For never making me feel bad when I don’t get to a chore because I chose to sit on the couch during my nap time break instead.

For staying up cleaning until midnight last night because I have been too exhausted with potty training Penny to clean, but was going crazy not having sparkling floors.

For making sure I take my prenatal vitamins and iron supplement every day without fail.

For sleeping next to Penny on her bedroom floor all night so you could be ready to comfort her every time she threw up, and cleaning her mess.

For knocking all of the things off our to do list in preparation for Lucy without a single complaint.

For making us healthy dinners while still keeping Penny entertained every night.

For finding a pizza place that was still open at 11pm on a weeknight when I found myself starving and craving a ham and pineapple pie after said healthy dinner.

For making me get out of the house for some alone time even when I claim that I am too tired or lazy to, because you know that I need it.

For indulging in my binge watching of Gilmore Girls without complaint.

For making Penny laugh in that amazing way she has, and reminding me how much I love her silliness after a long day of cleaning messy fingers, time outs, and wiping little butts.

For not making me feel like a mental person when I start crying for no reason at the drop of a hat.

For telling me I look beautiful when I need to hear it most.

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For all these things and so much more, I thank you. Penny, Lucy, and I really hit the jackpot with you.


2 thoughts on “Superman

  1. Wow, what a beautiful tribute to Kevin. He is one great guy and it is so sweet to see how the two of you appreciate one another.

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