The Mermaid and the Teddy Bear

The day of our ultrasound appointment had finally arrived. I had been eagerly awaiting this day for weeks, (let’s be honest, months), and yet it had somehow managed to sneak up on me. All of a sudden it was Tuesday and it was almost 1 o’ clock and it was time to go.  My sister came to watch Penny, and Kevin and I headed for the doctor’s office, knowing that in  a few short hours we would finally know the gender of our baby.

After lots of waiting, we found ourselves watching our little one wiggle and squirm on the screen, oohing and ahhing at the tiny hands balled up into fists and the sweet little turned up nose. Before long, we were asked if we wanted to know the gender of our baby. Instead of having the technician tell us right then, we showed her the mermaid doll and teddy bear that we had brought with us, and asked her to secretly place one of them into a gift bag we had ready. We had bought the mermaid and teddy bear weeks ago at a quaint baby shop downtown, imagining them fitting in perfectly in our new baby’s Neverland themed nursery.

Minutes later, we were walking out of the building with a gift bag that would soon reveal to us the gender of our baby, and we couldn’t get home fast enough.

Penny had just woken up from her nap, and Uncle Brandon, Nana and Papa arrived soon after. Unable to wait until after dinner, we uncorked some champagne and sparkling cider, sat around the table, and presented Penny with a very special gift.

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Penny took an excruciatingly long time ripping open the tissue paper, and I may have helped her to speed the process along just a bit. So many thoughts went through my head just before the gift was opened. I had imagined this baby so many times already, sometimes as a boy and sometimes as a girl, but the image was always fuzzy. Yet in one fell swoop, as the last of the tissue paper was torn away, the image became clear. I suddenly knew what we were having, and it felt as if a part of me had always known. 

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A sweet little mermaid doll lay nestled in the paper, and we couldn’t wipe the joy from our faces. She was a girl! But of course she was.

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Penny delicately picked the doll up and hugged her to her chest, then gave her a soft kiss on her knitted, upturned mouth. While Penny was elated just to be holding this little doll, it meant so much more to us. It meant we were having a daughter.  It meant another beautiful baby girl to hold in our arms. It meant a sister for Penny. And it meant that we could finally refer to the tiny baby growing inside of me as she, and call her by her name.View More:

Lucy Pearl, you have already brought us so much happiness and we cannot wait to meet you.


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