A Beach Story

She was skeptical at first. Mom and Dad had packed the car with everything they could possibly need, and they were clearly brimming with excitement. According to them, it had been far too long since they had been to the beach, and they couldn’t wait to introduce her once again to the sandy shore.

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Before long, they seemed to have arrived at their destination. The car was in park, the gear was unpacked, and her soft pink baby skin was covered in a thick layer of sunscreen. They followed the path trodden by many before them, all in pursuit of the same thing. Up a small hill, down again, and there is was: the crashing, white-capped waves of the ocean.


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Content at first to sit on her beach blanket and play with familiar toys, she soon began to venture beyond the confines of her blanket, eager to feel the sand between her fingers and discover its’ curious texture. Before long she was off, crawling like a hermit crab across the vast sand while panting with excitement, stopping only to inspect rocks and sea shells that found themselves in her path.


 View More: http://amandagerlingphoto.pass.us/love-on-the-seaside

 View More: http://amandagerlingphoto.pass.us/love-on-the-seaside

Still, there were more things to be discovered, and so Dad whisked her away toward the beckoning waves of the deep blue sea.

View More: http://amandagerlingphoto.pass.us/love-on-the-seaside

Out here, the sand was dark and mucky. The water warm and salty. Sweeping in out of nowhere and retreating again just as quickly, it foamed wonderfully around her toes.

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With one hand in Mom’s and one hand in Dad’s, she bravely traversed across the shoreline, lifting each foot tentatively at first, but gaining confidence with every step.

View More: http://amandagerlingphoto.pass.us/love-on-the-seaside

View More: http://amandagerlingphoto.pass.us/love-on-the-seaside

Mom’s floppy beach hat escaped with the wind only once, but she was much too enamored with the ocean to notice. Even when Mom and Dad brought her back to dry sand, the water continued to call to her. Time after time, she would bolt back toward the water, crawling with abandon into the sea, only to be saved once again.

View More: http://amandagerlingphoto.pass.us/love-on-the-seaside

As the sun set behind the dunes and Mom and Dad brushed sand from her knees, she couldn’t wipe the silly grin from her face. There was no question- Penny had fallen in love with the sea shore that day.

View More: http://amandagerlingphoto.pass.us/love-on-the-seasidePh

Photos by the very talented Amanda Gerling Photography


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