Suddenly It’s Spring

Ahhhh spring. A time for opening the windows and letting the fresh air in. A time for cooking with juicy ripe produce from the farmer’s market and bringing bouquets of wildflowers into the house. For flowy sundresses and soft pink baby skin lathered in sunscreen. For countless hours spent playing and lazing about in the sun porch and batch upon batch of iced tea.

Much like the pink rose bushes surrounding our house, I feel rejuvenated and full of life when spring comes around. There is nothing quite like nice weather and ample time spent outdoors to get my creative juices flowing. Which is why I have been fixating on the idea of introducing Penny to the world of painting.

After lots of time spent on Pinterest in the name of research, I decided that the paint would need to be edible and yummy (the girl is still putting everything into her mouth). Cool whip tinted with food coloring was the clear choice, mostly because I adore cool whip and had little doubt that Penny would follow suit. 

We invited Jana and baby Forest over to join in the fun (because what’s better than one messy baby? Two messy babies!), mixed up an array of paint colors, stripped the girls down to their diapers, spread out an old sheet, and let the messiness commence. As I could have predicted, Penny studied her palette carefully and delicately dipped her pointer finger into the paint after much coaxing from me, while Forest enthusiastically dove her entire fist in and proceeded to rub it all over her face. Night and day, these two! At this rate, I knew it would take Penny decades to cover her canvas (Forest’s was covered after about 30 seconds), and decided to help her along. She eventually showed a little interest in spreading the paint around on her canvas, but was much more inclined to eat the paint instead (again, not surprising).






After spraying the rainbow tinted babies off in the sink, we admired the fruits of our creativity. 


I am sure this is the first of many Penny masterpieces that will be proudly displayed in our home. The medium may change over the years as Penny’s proclivity for putting things in her mouth ceases, and the finished pieces will certainly change as her fine motor skills improve, but I hope that her love for eating creating will not!



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