A Very Merry Un-Birthday

If there is any un-birthday that should be celebrated, I definitely think it is the 6 month birthday. Frankly I am in shock over the fact that our daughter is already half a year old. If she is already half a year old, that means that in no time at all she will be 1 year old. (And then 2, then 3…) Yikes! Things are very exciting in our household at the moment. In addition to having just celebrated our first Christmas as a family of three (more details to come on that in a later post), Penny is developing and changing at an incredible pace. It has been so exciting to watch, and definitely keeps us entertained.

As a 6 month old, Penny…

…can finally roll over! Can doesn’t mean she does with any sort of frequency, but now we know she can! A month ago, Penny rolled over by accident twice when she was pushing up so high on her tummy that she fell over, but on Christmas Eve, she did it intentionally. Just as I had turned my back to arrange some presents under the tree, I heard Kevin yell, “Mel, she’s rolling over!” I turned around just in time to see Penny on her back. Yes, I missed it, and Kevin saw it. I forgive him. She hasn’t done it since, but I really think it’s just because she doesn’t particularly want to.

…even more exciting, can sit up pretty much all by herself! She may have fallen back into the Christmas tree when we were excitedly trying to help her open presents, (oops) but for the most part, she is pretty stable. She even tries to lunge forward to get toys out of her grasp- is crawling in our near future? Almost time to baby proof!

…is exercising her vocal cords. And the octaves she can reach are quite impressive. Piercing I might even say. The only way to describe it is to say we often feel as though we are raising a baby hawk. Or pterodactyl.

…is eating (and playing with) solid foods. She seems to have a particular fondness for orange foods- roasted sweet potatoes and carrots, orange slices…loves them. Piggy grunts when she sees them and cries for more when she drops them. It’s adorable. And messy.

…can put her own pacifier in her mouth. If there is a pacifier in her line of vision, it is going to end up in her mouth. Possibly upside down or sideways, but still. She can do it! Score for team Mom and Dad, who are having to reinsert pacifiers in the night less and less.

…is deliciously chubby. Chubby thighs, chubby feet, chubby forearms, and need I even mention those cheeks?! Penny is currently weighing in at 17 pounds 8 ounces. Goodness, the girl doesn’t miss many meals does she?

…is very ticklish. Shrieks of laughter abound when daddy kisses her neck with that scratchy face or mommy makes a silly face and tickles under her arms. 

…is taking two decent naps a day, (1 and a half to 3 hours each) and sleeping about ten hours a night.

…loves books. (Again, score for team Mom and Dad!) She sits patiently on her rug before every nap and bedtime staring intently at the pages as we read to her, often lunging forward to help turn the pages. It’s our favorite time of the day.

…is quite a ham. If she isn’t squawking and shrieking to get our intention, she is implementing the fake cough technique. Very effective, by the way. She is never happier than when everyone in the room is focused on her (which tends to happen often regardless of whether she is trying to gain our attention or not- I’m not sure what we stared at before Penny was around, actually). Needless to say, opening Christmas presents was quite an exciting event for her.



A Very Merry Un-Birthday to our adorable, sweet, silly, roly poly 6 month old baby girl! 




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