Truffula Trees and Broomsticks

Dear Penny,

You turned 5 months old over the long holiday weekend, and we couldn’t think of a better way to spend it than visiting with family in Florida. On Friday morning, bellies full from leftover apple pie, we packed up the car and headed for Orlando. You couldn’t have been a better passenger- you slept almost the entire way, and sweetly greeted your Uncle, Aunt, and cousins when we finally arrived at our destination. You showed everyone your newly acquired skill of sitting up all by yourself for several minutes (with mommy close by of course), and giggled when your cousins tried so very hard to make you laugh.

The next morning, Grammy and Buppa arrived to join in the fun, and we spent the day sharing stories, reminiscing, and eating good food. On a whim, we decided to spend the next day at Universal Studios. Mommy and Daddy stayed up until past midnight talking and laughing with Uncle Brian and Aunt Kristin, so it was rather unfortunate when you decided that 3:30am was a good time to get up and start the day. Still, we were too excited to take you to the Theme Park, and fought our exhaustion with sleepy smiles and bags under our eyes. 

Once we got to the park, the thrilled and eager faces of the other patrons and the cheerful holiday decor gave us renewed vigor, and we excitedly took you around Seuss Landing. You couldn’t look away from the whimsical displays, which I imagine reminded you of our favorite book, “The Lorax.” You even got to go on your very first ride, the carousel, before taking a brief nap in your stroller.








You woke a little while later to find yourself in completely new surroundings. Instead of bright colors and truffula trees, you were now looking at quaint English buildings covered in snow. We were so excited for you to see “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” and shared a butter beer in your honor. The rest of the day flew by from there. We got dinner in an Irish New York inspired bar, where you grinned from ear to ear as we danced to Irish jigs, and ended the night with a walk through the streets, entranced by the twinkling lights of the magical decorations. 







As we got into the car that night, ready to head home but weary of the 6 hour drive after such a long day, you quickly dozed off. Mommy and Daddy marveled at what a good girl you had been and how much fun we had had with you during our first trip far from home. Sometimes it seems you are making this parenting thing too easy. 5 months is off to a great start- can’t wait to see what 6 months will bring!


Mommy and Daddy


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