Something Wicked This Way Comes

We could feel the excitement building as nightfall approached. As Dad tossed the last of the chopped veggies into the chili pot to simmer and I began artfully arranging ghost cupcakes on our cake stand, the squeals of laughter and anticipation from the neighborhood children drifted in through the open windows. Halloween was finally upon us, and we couldn’t wait for our family and friends to arrive so the festivities could begin.





While the adults enjoyed hot dogs and chili (and a delicious pumpkin beer or hot cider), the kids quickly scarfed down their dinner so as to get to the most important part of the night- trick or treating. There had already been some knocks at our door, so we finished up eating and headed outside. Dad had chairs set up in the driveway for those of us staying behind to sit in and hand out candy, while the older kids and their parents began patrolling the neighborhood for generous neighbors giving out delicious treats. I excitedly changed you into your pink piggy costume, (which we had bought months ago, I might add), and brought you outside to watch the goings on in our busy neighborhood.




We had been warned to have at least 250 pieces of candy ready for the swarms of children that were sure to arrive, and we were not disappointed. We couldn’t believe how many people were out- it was like a parade of adorable ghouls and witches marching down the street! We couldn’t resist checking out the action for ourselves, and left grandma behind with the cauldron full of peanut butter cups so we could better see where the fog, flashing lights, and thrilled screams were coming from. By this point, you, being all warm and snuggly in your costume, couldn’t resist squeezing in a little nap before bed. You didn’t wake until we were back home, and as Dad blew out the flickering candles, I brought you upstairs to change into your skeleton jammies and get ready for bed. It is quite remarkable that you managed to sleep through it all, Penny- I only wish I could be as sound a sleeper as you!

I have to say, I cannot wait for you to enjoy one of Mommy’s favorite holidays. Every time I saw a little girl toddling up our driveway to say “Trick or Treat,” and “Happy Halloween,” I couldn’t help but think that that will be you before we know it. And whether you are a fairy princess or a fuzzy little caterpillar, I know that you will have a blast. We are so lucky to live in such a fun and festive neighborhood full of adults and children that embrace the holiday spirit, and I can’t wait to see you making your way up these paths, dragging your bag full of candy as you flash a shy grin and form those very important words that you will no doubt have rehearsed for months beforehand. Here’s to the first of many “Happy Halloweens” in our family!


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