Beach Baby

What an eventful few days our family has had! Kevin’s brothers and their families came to visit us for the long holiday weekend and meet Penny for the first time, and we were eagerly anticipating their arrival. The last time we saw them was when I was 12 weeks pregnant, and  we had driven down to Kevin’s parents’ home in Florida to share the big news that the next time we were all together, there would be another Kiernicki joining us.

The Kiernickis are spread among three states (South Carolina, Florida, and Michigan), so it is not often that we get to see each other all in the same place, but Penny’s recent arrival had happily led to a long overdue reunion.

It was a weekend of firsts for us- the first time Penny got to meet her aunts, uncles, and cousins, the first time Penny gave anyone besides her mommy and daddy a smile (and boy, did she have plenty to dish out!), the first time Penny slept in her own room (for 10 hours straight, I might add), and the first time Penny saw the ocean.

Taking a newborn baby to the beach is no small task. Her skin is too sensitive for sunscreen, salt water, and of course, the harsh rays of the sun, so we had to be sure to keep her in the shade the entire time. We used our stroller to get to the beach, which was a lifesaver, because we had to parks several blocks away, and had lots of gear to cart along with us. Once we finally made it to the sandy shores, however, it was quite a hindrance, since the wheels wouldn’t roll on the loose sand. Kevin and I had to lift the stroller all the way to the ocean, where the sand was more compact, careful not to wake Penelope as we struggled with the weight of all of our gear. Once we found the perfect spot, we quickly set up a small dome tent, some chairs, and settled in. The tent was great because once Penny woke up and was ready to get out of her stroller, I was able to hold her in the shade while still allowing her to do some people watching, and even nurse her with plenty of privacy. Penny was so content watching her cousins shriek with laughter as they dove and surfed in the crashing waves, and I swear she had the best nap of her life, peacefully lulled to sleep by the rhythmic sounds of the ocean. I was sad to leave, but know that we will be back soon.


2013-09-02_0001 2013-09-02_0002 2013-09-02_0003 2013-09-02_0005 2013-09-02_0006 2013-09-02_0007

The past few days were full of fun, laughter and smiles, and we so enjoyed watching Penny being passed among her family members, occasionally flashing that goofy lopsided grin. Penny, you are one lucky girl to be so loved!


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