Her Castle Awaits

The clothes are all washed. The pack n’ play is set up. The crib sheet is on the mattress. The bottles and pacifiers have been sanitized and put away. The birth center bag is packed. And now, with the arrival of a final package in the mail today (our crib skirt from Pottery Barn, which has been on backorder for months), the nursery is complete!

Kevin and I have been working on Penelope’s nursery for months now, and it has come together one step at a time into exactly what we had hoped it would be. Our vision was for a calming and whimsical nursery that would flow with the rest of our house, yet still feel childlike and playful. We choose soft grays and yellows for a color scheme, and a woodland fairy tale theme. Other than that, we slowly let the room develop, knowing that we would find things that we loved as we came across them. Some items were purchased online after hours of searching (such as the rocker and crib), others we stumbled across while browsing in antique stores. But it has all managed to come together into a room that we both love. Hopefully Penny will love it too!

Without further ado, let me take you on a tour…


Our Jenny LInd style crib was purchased on Amazon.com, and the wallpaper is from Anthropologie. The antique picnic basket stores extra blankets.



A shelf with ample storage for books and toys, an amazingly soft sheepskin rug for playtime, and an antique birdcage found in Savannah, GA


And now, for a closer look…


an antique lamp, a painting of an egg, and a basket of books waiting to be read


an old piece of furniture converted into a changing table with ample storage for diapers and wipes, dragon fly and cricket mobiles hanging overhead


fairy tale sheets from The Land of Nod


A soft rocker from Pottery Barn Kids, a small picnic basket full of more books at the ready


a freshly painted vanity from when I was a child, a burlap stool for sitting (or as a foot stool in front of the rocker)


a gold and tan curtain from World Market that still lets the light flow in, a small rocking chair, an adorable sleeping fox pillow from Urban Outfitters


A functional shelf from Nadeau in Mt. Pleasant, with some favorite books and objects on display


And a few of my favorite treasures…


Yellow vases that have been in my family for generations, displaying paper flowers made from a copy of “The Secret Garden” (ordered from Etsy.com)


a collection of cuckoo clocks: a block print of a cuckoo clock bought at the Charleston Farmer’s Market, a modern wood cutout clock ordered on Etsy.com, and an original cuckoo clock found by my mother at Goodwill


A ceramic hedgehog nightlight from Anthropologie, to keep the monsters away


 There is only one thing missing from this nursery, and at 37 and a half weeks, she should be arriving any day now! Books wait to be read, a cozy bed waits to be slept in, and toys wait to be played with. So make haste, little one! Your castle awaits.


6 thoughts on “Her Castle Awaits

    • Thanks Meghan! The paint colors are both Valspar. The gray on the walls is called Notre Dame (I LOVE this color, and used it in our entire house), and the yellow on the furniture is called Overjoy.

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