Pregnancy: A Husband’s Perspective

From my perspective, I do not see what the big deal is…

A: A new wardrobe

B: Strangers giving up seats and opening doors

C: All you can eat ice cream bar

D: Choosing what is for dinner every night

E: Actually getting excited to see the scale go UP!

F: The ability to sit or lay when and where ever possible, even when it is not socially acceptable

G: Using your belly as a table to place your dinner or snack on

H: The keen ability to fall asleep at the drop of a hat

I:   Being able to make any person that sees you smile

J: Having a beautiful, constant “glow”

K: Never needing to get anything out of the top shelf or move any furniture. Even when it is you who decides to move it.

L: Having the skill to turn a cry into a laugh or a laugh into a cry…instantly and out of nowhere.

N: Naturally being able to create, nourish, and build life.

This sounds like a resume for a pretty awesome superhero actually.

       All kidding aside, it has been a wonderful 35 weeks. That’s right, 35 weeks. I still remember when Mel told me that we were having a baby. Actually she said, “Your boys can swim!” The first few weeks seemed to take so long, because we waited until 12 weeks to tell our immediate parents, friends, and family the news. At the time it seemed like it would be forever until we would get close to the due date. But here we are, 5 weeks away, and it has flown by. Some of my favorite memories so far:

          Picking gifts for Mel’s parents to tell them the big news: we selected children’s books to give to them and wrote inside the cover that they were going to be grandparents.

          Moving into our new home. We were lucky enough to have a big group helping us, but only 4 of us knew why Mel was not feeling so well or lifting anything too heavy.

          Telling Amanda and Brandon that they were going to be an aunt and uncle.

          Hearing her heartbeat for the first time.

          Driving to Florida to tell my side of the family and then going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter together and picking out Penny’s first onesie.

          Cutting open the cake and seeing pink!

          Feeling her move around in there, especially when I read to her.

          Working on the nursery with Larry.

          Our Heartfelt Birthing Class

          The everyday moments, like when Mel is asking her to not stretch so hard into her organs. 

       It has been so wonderful and a better experience than I ever thought it would be. But it has been challenging at the same time. Some of the things that have been hard:

          Decisions; there are so many, more than I ever anticipated.

          I have started sleeping very lightly, and wake up every time I hear Mel move or wake up to use the bathroom.

          Overwhelming emotions; some days it is all stress, most days I am just emotional. NPR’s storycorp has made me cry on  a monthly basis on my way to work.

          All the research I feel that I need to do, but also trying to rely on my natural mammal ability to parent.

          Sleeping in a bed with Charlie, Toby, Mel, and the BODY PILLOW!!

          Budgeting, or lack there-of. More and more things seem to pop up.

           Watching Mel cringe as she takes her Iron supplement every morning with OJ.

          Wearing out Charlie, and noticing things we need to adjust with him so that he will be a great and loyal friend to our little girl.

          Waiting for the unknowns and for the things we cannot control.

          Worrying. My biggest fear is to not be fully prepared, and it has been difficult to settle on the realization that no matter what, I will never be fully prepared.

       I wanted this post to be as honest as possible. I have loved the last 35 weeks. I have always known that Mel would be a wonderful and loving mother, and I can see it already. My goal through the pregnancy has been to make sure Mel is healthy, happy, calm, and comfortable, all at the same time. We have been learning a lot together and I know we are ready for our great adventure in parenting. We cannot wait to meet her. I want PJ to bake in there for a few more weeks and get nice and strong, but the anticipation has been the hardest part. We know that there will be a lot of on the job training with difficulties that will challenge us along the way. The pregnancy has been great so far, and we are ready to keep the trend going as we embark on parenthood.  



One thought on “Pregnancy: A Husband’s Perspective

  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed your Heartfelt Birth Classes! I loved having the 3 of you! It was so wonderful to share part of your birth journey! You and Melanie are such a lovely and loving couple; what a smart baby Penelope is to have picked you. I know that you will be mindful, warm and open-hearted parents.

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