Trying to Contribute…

There has been a lot spinning through my mind lately. Since Mel became pregnant I have been feeling…well…overwhelmed is the best word to describe it. I am overwhelmed by the thought of the challenges ahead of us, but also the wonderful adventure ahead of us. It is amazing to me what is happening to Mel- she is creating life, she is creating memories, she is creating Joy. One of the biggest immediate aspects that I have been struggling with is how I can contribute during this time. Stating the obvious, Mel is carrying and nurturing our baby every second of every day. I think about how everything she does is being shared in some respect with Penny. A healthy spinach protein shake is providing vital nutrients that go directly to our baby.  Every time Mel belts out Adele in the shower, she has a little eavesdropper listening in. 

In comparison, how can any guy contribute to the pregnancy quite like this? Truthfully there is no way. So I decided I needed to work other angles. I want my wife to know that I support and love her and cherish this time.  So for me it has been all about getting as educated as possible with pregnancy, delivery, and child development, and also about working projects around the house, all in preparation for Penelope. So this post is a preview of a project that I am working on for Penelope and her mom.

Penelope’s Room

This is still a work in progress and here is a preview. I would say that this project started almost as soon as we found out we were having a baby. Like many, our inspiration started on Pinterest. We each created private boards and then every night we would excitedly share what we found and liked, sometimes during our favorite shows (which we would then completely miss). We also found out that we needed to make many decisions. Our first decision to make:  a theme.  We choose Woodland Creatures.


Mel found this blanket on and it has been our inspiration for our color scheme throughout the room.


Mel and I are huge fans of custom and unique lighting. We found this beautiful chandelier for a bargain at one of our favorite local home furnishing stores in Mount Pleasant, Celadon. I added a decorative medallion to mimic the crowns.


We also knew that we loved the way wood wall treatment and crown moldings added character, old world charm, and sophistication. So I enlisted the help of first time grandparent to be: my father-in-law, one of my best friends, and Mel’s dad, Larry. With a fridge full of beer and the radio blasting, we spent a full weekend getting the wood cut and put into place. I could not have done it without him and we had a blast working together again. I spent the rest of the week, either late at night once Mel feel asleep or early in the morning after she left for work, caulking and painting all the wood. It turned out great!


I cannot wait for you all to see what is in store for the room. We have a few more big surprises up our sleeves, like wallpaper and incredible ideas for artwork from Mel. Stay posted for more previews and the final reveal. – Kevin



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