Growing up in the South…


         I have been thinking a lot about how different our little girl is going to grow up compared to us. She will be less than an hour away from the ocean and be brought up in the bible belt of America and South Carolina is a predominately red state. Mel and I lived the first 23 years of our lives in the Metro Detroit area. Where it snowed often and we were unlikely to get a hello from a perfect stranger.  Our baby is going to find it more likely to get perfect weather whereas when we grew up it was extra special to get that perfect day, when it was the ideal 75 degrees in the summer and there was nothing better than going for a boat ride across Lake St Clair with the family or the perfect fall day where the colors were more brilliant than one thought was possible and it smelled like… well nothing else but Fall! There are pluses and minuses to every area and just the differences in that has made me think… Is she going to want to vacation in an area with snow, where I spent the winters dreaming of sunny beaches and Disney World? (By the way it is only a six hour drive to Disney World and Universal Studios) I remember the days I spent at my brother’s hockey games, or the mornings trying to keep warm in a freezing car. But Penny will remember the days she went kayaking with her family, the nights in February sitting on the back porch watching a southern thunder storm roll in. Compared to us remembering shoveling the snow she will have memories of crazy hot days of summer where the energy just drains out of you. She may never know how wonderful it feels to wake up, find snow outside, and excitedly race to the TV to find out school is closed for a snow day! Just as we will never know how it feels to go surfing instead of going to class on a school day. I love the fact that our child will have a different childhood, ours’ are priceless, but they say that it is amazing to watch your child discover the world, and I cannot wait for our little girl to experience hers in new and amazingly different ways.   – Kevin



One thought on “Growing up in the South…

  1. i think the same thing with McKenzie… I’m afraid she will have a southern accent. bless her heart 😉

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