A surprise package

The entire week that Kevin was gone, I forgot to get the mail. Instead of being outside of our houses, our mail boxes are all together by the amenity center in our new neighborhood. It has taken some getting used to, but Kevin likes it because it gives him an excuse to go for a walk or run everyday (not that Charlie didn’t already give us plenty of reasons to do that). But as they say, out of sight, out of mind, so when Kevin came home last night and asked about the mail, I realized I had not thought of everything while he was away.

But no big deal, because lots of mail means more chances of something exciting arriving! I still get excited about the mail. Fun things like cards, magazines, and packages are few and far between, but today was our lucky day. Not only was there a new Potterybarn catalogue, but our order from zulily had arrived!

http://www.zulily.com is this great website that our close friends Lindsay and Andy told us about. They are our go to couple for all things baby these days, because they just had their first baby last June. They are also great at researching everything, and so we reap the benefits of their hard work by taking their great advice. They are the ones who convinced us to have a water birth with the midwives at the Charleston Birth Place (more on that in a later post), to use cloth diapers, and to find great online deals at zulily. Once you sign up, they email you once a day with great deals on things from various sellers- usually baby or mother-related, but not always. A few weeks ago we saw a great deal on some adorable cloth diapers, and decided to jump on it. 


Notice how they are all gender neutral? We bought them before we knew we were having a girl, but no problem- we are hoping to be able to use them again with our next child. And I imagine I will be seeing enough pink in the near future. That is one of the many benefits of cloth diapering- being able to reuse them saves you major bucks! And is much better on the environment. 

So what sold us on these diapers was the cute embroidery on the backs. They looked like very good quality.


Here are some of the cool features of these one size pocket diapers:


There are multiple snaps so that the diapers can be adjusted to fit the baby throughout all stages. We should be able to use these diapers until our baby is fully potty trained, which is great.


This is how small the diapers can get. So tiny!


And this is the inside. They are extremely soft, which is another benefits of cloth diapering. They are much better on baby’s skin, and there is very little diaper rash as a result. They also come with padded inserts for extra absorbency.


And here is Kevin practicing his diapering skills on his ukelele. He doesn’t have much experience with putting on diapers, but something tells me he will catch on very quick!


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