On My Way Home…


      I am on my fourth flight this week, and the excitement of getting home is overwhelming. I have spent the last 4 days at a business conference while Mel is at home with our cats and Charlie. At this point she is 22 weeks pregnant with Penelope and I miss everyone at home terribly. The word home has taken on a new feeling with me since we discovered that we will be having a baby. I think about how our little girl is going to have her first steps there, taste her first piece of birthday cake at our table, wear her mom’s heels around our house, and she is going to run down our stairs on Christmas morning with the excitement of what Santa has brought her. (Hopefully she will know to leave Santa a nice local microbrewed stout instead of milk). This is the first time in years that Mel and I have not been able to give each other a kiss goodnight. I set my alarm every morning so I could call her on her way to work and we talked every night after dinner. We caught up each other on our days which slightly helped the sting of being away. But I missed OUR moments. The moments when Penny is thrashing around in there causing Mel to sometimes laugh or jump, and then she smiles; It is the most beautiful smile, like nothing I have seen in the eleven plus years we have been together. I have imagined for years how beautiful Mel was going to look pregnant and nothing has prepared me for this. She is more beautiful than I have ever seen her. To this day Mel has the ability to surprise me. It might be the perfectly placed movie quote, the silly thing she says to Charlie out of nowhere, or when she is yelling at me for falling asleep at the beginning of our favorite show just to fall asleep herself two minutes later (see picture below). I miss the way you surprise me. Penny you will love and be amazed by the many wonderful ways she is going to surprise you.       Kevin



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