It’s a girl!

We are so thrilled to finally know the gender of our baby! I am now 21 weeks pregnant, so it has been a very long wait. We decided that while we really wanted to know what we were having, we didn’t want to have the doctor tell us. Something about it seemed a bit…anticlimactic. Or impersonal. I don’t know. So instead we had the doctor put the photo saying what gender our baby was in an envelope so that we couldn’t see it. There were, of course, many photos of our baby that we could see. Here is one of our favorites- we think the baby looks like a little Who from Whoville. You can see that the baby has my little turned up nose.


After our appointment and a delicious dinner at Monza’s downtown, we took the envelope to the bakery at Publix in the pouring rain (careful not to let it get wet)! We explained to the baker that we wanted a round yellow cake with buttercream frosting, and that the inside icing would either be pink or blue. We then handed him the envelope and told him that we didn’t even know what it said, and didn’t want to. His eyes got very wide and he shakily took the envelope and opened it to read what we were dying to know ourselves. I didn’t look at his face (as if somehow I might be able to discern from his expression whether we were having a boy or a girl), and then we were on our way home.


Kevin ceremoniously placed the envelope on our kitchen table, and it remained there for the duration of the week. (Our ultrasound was on a Monday, I should mention). And we had to wait to find out until Saturday. Maybe I should explain the long wait…

My younger sister still lives in Michigan, where I grew up, and I haven’t seen her since I first told her I was pregnant back in November. When we told her that we wanted to have a gender reveal party with our closest family (my parents and her and her fiancé), she managed to find a flight down to Charleston the weekend after my ultrasound. And so the anticipation grew as we waited for them to arrive early Saturday afternoon…

Almost as soon as Amanda and Brandon arrived, I was dying for some cake. We had picked up the cake earlier that morning, and were terrified that somehow the baker or the label on the cake was going to give it away. I could just imagine the baker saying, “Oh, you guys are the ones who ordered the cake with blue icing, right?” Luckily, all went smoothly and we got the cake home without any problems. So, after my family arrived and we greeted each other with excitement and lots of hugs, we poured some champagne (sparkling grape juice for me) and got ready to cut into the cake.

Does it sound wrong to admit that I was actually more excited about cutting into this cake than cutting into cake on our wedding day? As soon as we put the knife in and carefully pulled it out, I caught a glimpse of pink icing. Pink icing! I shrieked and hugged Kevin, and kept saying “I can’t believe it! A girl!” I knew I would be shocked and excited either way, but a girl. What great news.


At first I kept continuing to refer to the baby as “The baby,” or “It,” and my sister had to remind me that I could say “she” now. Or even better, Penelope. It has taken a while to sink in. It is amazing how as we continue to hit these small milestones (hearing the heart beat for the first time, seeing a baby bump appear, feeling the first flutters of movement, and now knowing the gender) it feels even more real.


3 thoughts on “It’s a girl!

  1. I am envious. The way that you and Kevin can express your feelings and make them come to life . A word–so simple but having the ability to join them so beautifully takes a rare talent that you both share. I can envision the expression on your faces when you felt Penny kick for the first time. I have never forgotten each individual kick from a son. Nor could I believe how could I love the next one as much as the previous son. One look and I was bowled over with this precious gift that I was given each time. Kevin with his dark mahogany hair and going to work on his thumb. I wonder how Penny will look but I do know that she will have two fantastic parents that will love her and spoil her. Remember you can never spoil a baby by loving and carrying her too much. Kevin and Mel are the proof of this.

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